Our affiliated technology partners have avant-garde support, driven by personalised, proactive and predictive capabilities, aleading team of experts and a global infrastructure. We help optimise your IT investments, the smart way. With their advanced digital tools and technologies, you can rest easy, knowing your support model is tailored to your exact needs. You’ll get the visibility and insights to work smarter and can address small issues before they become a crisis. Leon Technologies Services approach to support maximises uptime, prevents issues, accelerates repairs and reduces parts shipments. That’s not just worthy for IT and end-users, but for your business bottom line and for the environment you will need application profiling & migration, Business Resiliency, Multicloud & operating model. Reach out to us to avail best in class, hassle free support services.

  • Workforce Services – Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Skype for Business, Digital workforce portal.

  • Digital Services – Big Data, IOT & Analytics, Cloud Native Applications, DevOps.