Security Solutions

An effective security strategy uses a range of approaches to minimize vulnerabilities and target many types of cyberthreats. Detection, prevention and response to security threats involve the use of security policies, software tools and IT services.

Unfortunately, technological innovation benefits both IT defenders and cybercriminals. To protect business assets, companies must routinely review, update and improve security to stay ahead of cyberthreats and increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals.

Leon Technologies offer security solutions & managed services for Endpoints, Data centre & Cloud.

  • Network Security: Hardware or software-based Next-Generation firewall solutions across physical, virtualized, containerized & cloud environments that monitor and control network traffic to prevent unauthorized access and potential threats.

  • Endpoint Security: Protect against virus & malware with next-gen antivirus. Visibility to USB device control and gain real-time insights with EDR.

  • Data Security: Monitor and control the movement of sensitive data within and outside an organization to prevent data leaks or unauthorized sharing with latest DLP solutions & enhance security with MFA.

  • Email Security: Secure your Emails with SPAM filter, email Encryption, Secure email gateway & MFA.

  • Cloud Security: Secure your data and applications in the cloud with our comprehensive range of cloud security solutions.

  • Web Application Security: Protect Web apps with web application firewall which analyses each HTTP/S request at the application layer.

We offer a combination of these services and technologies to tailor comprehensive security strategies to meet the specific needs. Our customized security solutions help organizations protect their digital assets and maintain a strong defense against evolving cyber threats.

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