Ready solutions, from build to buy - for every customer and workload.

These are rack-scale hyper-converged system that delivers maximum scalability and business agility, enabling companies to start small and grow in flexible, discrete increments. Integrated with the latest 14th Generation compute, this solution offers choice of hypervisor or bare metal, 2-layer or HCI architectures, and supports a wide range of use cases including high performance databases and applications with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

This creates a flexible, open and heterogeneous foundation for delivering IaaS at scale. The system is architected to deliver the performance, reliability, and efficiency required to support a variety of traditional and cloud native workloads in the modern data center.

• Pre-tested, pre-integrated, hyper-converged system
• Fully integrated rack-scale fabric
• Simplified management and operation
• Software-defined for workload flexibility
• Lifecycle management and ease of upgrade
• Faster, more powerful handling of workloads with 14th Generation Compute.