Protection & hardening for advanced threats.

Datacenter Security solution provides complete server protection. Full application control enables micro- segmentation, administrator privilege de-escalation, patch mitigation, and protection against zero day threat in today’s heterogeneous private/ public cloud datacenter.

• Protect server from zero day attacks including an added ability to integrate Data Center Security: Server Advanced into the customer’s data center toolset to quickly deploy additional monitoring and targeted hardening to applicable servers via REST APIs.

• Unbreakable – Data Center Security: Server Advanced remains unbreakable in the five years that Symantec ran the “Capture the Flag” hacking challenge at the annual Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

• Secure unpatched applications and systems running on legacy and End-of-life platforms.

• Virtualization-technology agnostic and broad platform support means that customers can secure workloads regardless of where it resides and can protect entire data centers including legacy systems that cannot be patched.