Powerful Backup & recovery solution from core to edge to cloud.

This was created with a singular purpose: to help organisations harness the power of the cloud by freeing them from worry about data loss. We strive to find a better way to develop software and to deliver services to customers so they can redefine what’s possible for moving to the cloud.

SaaS application users are often surprised to find that their cloud-based data is vulnerable to data loss and must be managed with the same rigor as data stored on premises.

SaaS providers will restore data if the loss occurs on the provider’s end. But what about data loss that occurs on the user’s end—sync malfunctions or malicious ransomware and malware attacks, or purposeful deletion from disgruntled employees. Here’s where Cloud-to-Cloud based backup finds its importance. We support Cloud-to-Cloud backup for Microsoft O365, Suite & Salesforce.